Why Invest In International Property?

We understand global buyers

Trusting in an experienced real estate company who understands global buyers brings both extensive knowledge and peace of mind to the international home buying process.

With the stellar reputation and historic trust factor cemented to the Ray White name and brand, our investors can be assured that their investment is in safe hands. Ray White has created, tried, tested and perfected every part of the investment process from purchase through to property management – all to provide you with an exciting and enjoyable international investment experience.

In Four Tips for Australians Buying Property in the US, the prospect of navigating a foreign tax system, calculating extra administrative costs or learning about a completely different housing market can feel overwhelming. As a result, the recurring theme within all four tips is trust.

The Washington Post’s Guide to Beginning to Invest in Real Estate, insists that “long-distance investors need a property management company to handle tenant issues and maintenance.” The Ray White team have many years of experience in navigating your specific needs when it comes to buying foreign property and tailoring the best solutions for you.

Trust Ray White to take care of your needs

It can be a confusing or complicated process for someone considering buying an international investment property in the US, with a number of complicated laws and processes involved. This includes tax law, lending criteria, exchange rates and accounting issues. You can be confident that the Ray White team has all of these parts of the process covered and simplified to make investing as easy as possible for you.

There are enormous advantages to owning an international investment property and by investing in Atlanta, you can access a steady stream of rental income. From beneficial tax treatment for your profits to generous deductions for depreciation and other costs, the advantages of owning an international investment property are endless.


There are a number of positive and profitable reasons why you should consider investing in Atlanta property. CoreLogic data shows that rental yields hit a new record low in November across Australia’s capital cities due to dwelling values continuing to rise at a faster pace than weekly rental rates.

According to the latest statistics, “[Investors] may get a better yield offshore at the moment. Rental yields in Australia have contracted as property values have gone higher, so potentially there may be a more attractive rental yield that is coming from offshore property,”

Investors may also be able to take advantage of a possible currency upside. “If there is an improvement in the currency of the country they are going to invest in and the Australian dollar falls against that, like the US dollar at the moment, that would mean they can get some uplift in terms of currency exchange,”

Particularly following the GFC when the US market was in serious decline, Ray White saw an unprecedented level of interest from Australians looking to take the opportunity of the very high Australian dollar and the low house prices in the US.

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