I take the opportunity of introducing myself as a Director and Shareholder of Ray White Atlanta Sales and Property Management Services. My real estate career commenced in 1977 when I was in residential property management in Sydney. After three years I moved to join my brother Andrew Bell, to open our own business in Kensington in 1980.

After nine strong years of growth in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney with three offices and a large property management portfolio, the decision was made to sell our New South Wales operations and move to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland where we took over one of Ray White’s largest businesses at the time. Beginning with just 30 staff, over a period of 25 years we have grown this business to the point where it now employs over 240 people throughout 20 offices. Our business comprises of residential and commercial property management, hotel sales, marine sales, residential home and apartment sales, new project sales, advisory and commercial and industrial sales and leasing.

Our business comprises of residential and commercial property management, hotel sales, marine sales, residential home and apartment sales, new project sales, advisory and commercial and industrial sales and leasing. The Ray White Surfers Paradise Group has been the No. 1 Ray White office for the past 21 years.

An opportunity arose in 2012 for my brother Andrew, myself and Tony Bargwanna (our business partner in Ray White Hotels) to join the AU1 Property (Melbourne) who were based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The AU1 Property group were buying and selling homes and needed a strong residential property management structure to compliment their already expanding US operations.

After months of setting up licences, insurances, securing premises and with the blessing of Ray White Chairman, Brian White and the entire Ray White family, a Joint Venture agreement was entered into between the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group, including Tony Bargwanna from Ray White Hotels and the AU1 Property Group.

A decision was made to locate the property management business in the thriving city of Atlanta, where 80% of the US population is only a two hour flight away. Buckhead, Atlanta is an upmarket fringe city and it is there where we made a great decision to relocate one of our senior property managers from Australia to run our Property Management operations. As time has gone by, this has proven to be a very wise decision.

Ray White Atlanta Sales and Property Management Services commenced operation in 2013 and has grown to be a substantial real estate operation in the management of residential assets for not only a huge group of Australian and New Zealanders, but is now catering for the requirements of English, European and Asian investors. Because of currency rates, the expectation of the Australian currency falling to the US Dollar, the high returns on investment, the growing US market, the return to confidence, the increase in price levels, the strong demand by tenants, the wonderful Australia property management systems available and the accountability of the Ray White Group, is proving to be a draw card for investors who are wanting to capitalise on a previously weak US market and take the opportunities to invest small amounts of money with the anticipation of strong capital growth over the next three to five years.

Ray White Atlanta Sales has now introduced finance to investors where you can borrow 60%, with the average sale price being in the mid $90,000’s through to early $100,000’s. There are many nett returns that range from 8%+ and we are receiving glowing references from investors who are tickled pink with their current Atlanta investments. The greatest comfort to investors is knowing that they can pick up the phone here in Australia and speak to a representative from their Property Management company who are based in Surfers Paradise. Andrew and I have an outstanding reputation of delivering wonderful customer service for over 35 years and are perceived by many as the No. 1 real estate agency in the country. Our integrity and professionalism can only enhance investors confidence so much so that we have invested heavily in the US market ourselves, not only in property but in business resources and are looking at expanding our operations into Florida, New York and Los Angeles in the not too distant future.

We are attracting investors on a daily basis through our online and print media advertising. We are able to sell one, two, five, ten homes and in some cases, there are groups buying 30 – 50 homes at one time because they can see the big upside coming in the US market. In 2014, Atlanta has had a 11% increase in property values and is gaining momentum as the year progresses.

For those who want a unique experience of the wonderful US market, but in particular take advantage of potential opportunities in currency exchange over the next 3 – 5 years, please give serious consideration to contacting me for a confidential chat. What’s important is to take into account that you are going to be dealing with a trusted Australian company whose integrity is on the line and who is available to respond to any issues that may arise from your investment, rather than leaving it in the hands of an unknown group in America who are in the wrong area and the investment quickly turns sour. Don’t be a statistic for a bad US investment, be a confident investor knowing that Ray White is looking after you.