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The Ray White Group

Our impeccable reputation and rich history in Australia offer you the assurance that we have the tools, experience, and processes to securely handle your investments. With over $43 billion in annual sales, the decision to expand our knowledge base and expertise to the United States and Atlanta almost six years ago seemed wise, profitable, and exciting.


Our instincts did not prove us wrong. By combining our expertise and our storied Australian traditions, Ray White USA has balanced the precision of effectively finding investment properties, administering the sales of the properties and then managing both the owners and tenants all the while providing profits back to our investors.

Ray White USA has an effective and trustworthy structure combining the best of the past along with a progressive and innovative approach to the future. The international sales arm of the brand has been created with a desire to grow and support the property management team as it continues to sink its roots into Atlanta soil.

Our point of difference is that we not only facilitate in the purchasing of international Investments, but we also have the support and structure of an experienced property management team to then be able to maintain and manage the investments into the future.

We are a market leader with extraordinarily high-quality standards across the Australian continent and are now proudly bringing this quality service across the pond to the United States.

Our team bring the “I Care” factor in our structure and processes coupled with the best technology, the people that we employ and the high standard of training provided. 

With a proven track record, we take pride in the way we take care of our clients adding value over and above the traditional functions of property management. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in these comprehension functions that encompass a great property management service.

Ray White is a family-owned company. We are never too busy to listen or to speak with our clients. We have a heightened level of caution and care and with that, we become the eyes and the ears of our owners.

We are incredibly proud of establishing and building this trust so that as we form long-standing relationships,  the return on investment and respect are equal. Our training, our Australian approach to management and our unparalleled software support are just the beginning of all that Ray White USA can offer you and your future investments.

Our beautiful and historic yellow door is always open. Let us begin an exciting new adventure and investment together.



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Gregory Bell, Director of the Ray White Surfers Paradise has been in real estate well over 39 years after his first step into the industry as a residential property manager, Gregory along with his brother Andrew, have been the driving force in the creation of one of the nation’s largest and most active agencies – the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group.

Today, following two and a half decades under the strong leadership of both Gregory and Andrew, the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group has grown to become one of the most prominent real estate agencies in Australia, and now Atlanta Georgia, USA.

The Ray White USA team are ready to assist you in your overseas investment. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch today.