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Thank you for your interest regarding our Property Management services. Owned by an Australian company Ray White has a long and rich history of success built over a span of 112 years and is the largest real estate company in Australasia. The dynamics of this success have been transferred to the US where we offer unparalleled Property Management for the USA.

We know what is important to an investor for the protection of their investment and have successfully introduced our high Australian standards of Property Management, to ensure all properties are well cared for here in the states.

This has been welcomed by many Australians and other overseas investors, who now have complete confidence in knowing their investments are being well managed, with our excellent management services.

Our point of difference is the ‘I care’ factor in our structure and processes, coupled with the best technology, the people we employ and the high standard of training provided. With a proven track record we take pride in the way take care of our clients.

This adds value over and above the traditional functions of property management and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in these comprehensive functions that encompass a great property management service.

Did you know we can manage your property too?

Ray White Management Services Offer

  • Competitive management fees
  • Experienced Australian consultants
  • Reliable and easily accessible property managers in USA & Australia
  • Australia’s largest property advertiser
  • Based in Atlanta and Australia
  • Part of the largest property group in Australasia
  • Experienced staff speaking English, Indonesian and Chinese

Property Management isn’t just about collecting rent. A great property manager understands the importance of achieving what an investor wants; and this takes a combination of understanding the importance of our role, which is about managing the investment by taking a common sense approach.

We apply great attention to detail and have the ability to manage large numbers of properties which is proven and backed by our technology. A technology which provides owners with their own online portal and allows an owner to view the status of all investments, either by a group summary or individually, property by property.

This access importantly pertains to rent payments received and paid, rent statements, financial statements, maintenance records, lease commencement and end dates; and is all in real time and relevant. We have a strict approach to arrears, routine inspections, actioning maintenance with urgency and most importantly, communicating effectively to the owner. All information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time 24/7 with mobile applications.

In essence, we take our role very seriously as we continue to strive to provide an outstanding service to our clients at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact me – we are here to help.

Kind regards,

Sandy Moore
Team Manager
Property Management Services Atlanta USA
The Surfers Paradise Group
Phone [+1] 404578-8418
1123 Zonolite Road, Suite 23
Atlanta, GA 30306

For more information, visit the Ray White USA Property Management website



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