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We believe that Property Management isn’t just about collecting rent. A great property manager understands the importance of the property, the investor and the tenants. This leadership requires a combination of applying great attention to detail and the ability to manage people, structures and finances.

One of the biggest differences in Ray White’s approach to property management is that we are a business on the ground. We live in Atlanta and call Atlanta home. We make sure that all of our property management is done strictly with a direct approach. No one from thousands of miles away is expected to make a decision regarding maintenance, rent, or lease issues.

Our Ray White model is about the retention of the investor and the growth of the portfolio. Our aim is for you to trust our approach and grow your portfolio with us into the future. Our “one-stop-shop,” the ease in helping our investors with loans, with insurance and with purchases, will encourage lifelong investments. We are with our investors from purchase to management and hopefully, eventually retirement.

We understand that investing money on the other side of the world requires a great deal of trust. And we take that very seriously. We pride ourselves on protecting your capital growth from start to finish. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced professional, there are many advantages to working with our property management team.

Leveraging off of the 125 year history of the Ray White brand as well as our successful 6 year history in Atlanta, our team are available to support you around the clock – regardless of your location or time zone.

The team at Ray White manage properties as if they were our own. We act on urgency, we communicate quickly, we always have our doors open for feedback and we are always available to all of our investors. We have a strict approach to arrears, routine inspections and immediate maintenance, we make sure we communicate all of this to our investors in a very timely manner.

Another key factor in this equation is our unique technology designed for Ray White and its investors. This technology provides owners with an online portal and allows them to view the status of all Investments either by group summary or individually property. As an investor, this tool provides you with the greatest amount of transparency and accessibility possible in the industry.

Click here to visit our dedicated Ray White Atlanta property management website.

Helping property owners research the local rental market

Property managers can help owners research the local rental market, making it easier to set appropriate rents.


Communicating with tenants

This communication can include things like changes in rental rates, additions to the lease agreement, new policies regarding pets and visitors and complaints from neighbors. It is important that property managers have solid communication skills, along with the ability to interact effectively with all kinds of people. Our experienced team takes care of all of this for you.

Collecting the rent

Our teamise responsible for collecting rent and making sure that all tenants pay on time.


Finding and screening prospective tenants

We handle all of the marketing required to attract tenants and conduct background checks to screen prospective renters. As part of the process, our team checks things such as credit reports, employment history and references checks.


Dealing with complaints

Our team deal with any complaints from tenants. This could include things like issues with noise from other renters to problems like leaking pipes and deficiencies with the heating and cooling system.


Handling emergencies

When a toilet is stopped up at 2 a.m. or the furnace breaks down on the coldest night of the year, our property managers will look after the enquiries.


Coordinating move-outs

When a tenant moves out, the property manager will coordinate the event and conduct a post-rental inspection. The results of this inspection will help determine whether or not the tenant will get their security deposit back.

Conducting routine maintenance

Every investment requires routine maintenance, and our team takes care of coordinating the work and making sure it gets done. We also take our relationships with contractors very seriously as well by accessing our network of verified businesses that we work with on a regular basis.

Competitive Management Fess

Property Management isn’t just about collecting rent. A great property manager understands the importance of achieving what an investor wants; and an important part of the investment process is making sure that the ongoing management is affordable.


Get in touch

The “I Care” corporate philosophy of Ray White could easily describe the delightful captain of our American fleet, CEO Sandy Moore.

As a relationship-based company, we promise our clients that we are never too busy to talk. Whether it be through conversations online, in person, or via phone calls, Sandy epitomises the
level of success that can be achieved when these conversations form relationships and when people truly matter.

As we often emphasise, Ray White USA becomes the eyes and the ears of our owners and investors. Sandy’s leadership in our US office provides the tools, skills, and dedicated time needed for our entire US team to prioritise this core value.

The Ray White USA team are ready to assist you in your overseas investment. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch today.