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Why Australian Investors Are Attracted to U.S. Property

Although the number of foreclosures has dropped in the United States, those that are still becoming available are so lucrative that they have been attracting the attention of foreigners who are investing in property.

Among those who are most interested in investing in the USA are Australians. Several Australian investors have recently entered the U.S. housing market after only a minimum of research and training in foreign property investments. Continue reading»Why Australian Investors Are Attracted to U.S. Property

Why Home Flipping Is Up by 114 Percent

In 2013, home flipping in the United States increased by 16 percent over 2012, and the practice increased by an amazing 114 percent during 2011. A report from the popular realty company RealtyTrac shows that a total of 156,862 homes were flipped in 2013, which accounts for 4.6 percent of all homes sold that year.

In 2012, flipped homes comprised 4.2 percent of all sales, and in 2011, the rate was only 2.6 percent. This increase in home flipping shows that the U.S. real-estate market is ripe for investors, and foreign investors are beginning to take notice. Continue reading»Why Home Flipping Is Up by 114 Percent

Why Atlanta Housing Is So Affordable

Houses in Atlanta, which is often referred to as ATL, A-Town or the Big Peach, have long been known as some of the most affordable in the nation, and several factors have made it even more affordable in recent years.

According to one of the largest and most trusted mortgage resources online, HSH.com, the average house in the metro area sells for $142,400, and most qualified buyers may negotiate monthly mortgage payments to as little as $569. This not only makes a home in the area affordable as a primary residence but also as an investment. Continue reading»Why Atlanta Housing Is So Affordable

Atlanta 12th Fastest-Growing City in the USA

Atlanta, also known as ATL, A-Town and the Big Peach, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, according to an article published by Forbes. The article ranks the 20 cities in the U.S. with the highest rate of growth, and A-Town was listed as number 12.

This is great news for those who are looking to make money through real estate and investment property in the area because when people move into a city quickly and in large numbers, available properties become scarce and values rise. Continue reading»Atlanta 12th Fastest-Growing City in the USA

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