What is DUIAnd Everything You Need to Learn About It

DUI stands for driving under influence. This means driving while under the influence of certain substances.

There are strict laws against DUI in every state, and you might find yourself in prison and face lots of serious consequences if you are caught driving drunk.

In this article, we will explain what DUI is, and a few important things you need to learn about it which can also be taken as road safety tips.

Accidents Because of DUI

Drunk driving is one of the major causes of accidents on the roads. Most of the people who get arrested for drunk driving are past offenders. Hundreds of thousands of people get injured every year because of this irresponsible act by drivers.

Moreover, a specific amount of blood alcohol is required to classify a case as a DUI. Still, drunk driving causes around 28% of all the deaths caused on roads in the United States.

Not Being Able to Make The Right Judgment

Whenever someone is driving while drunk, they’re more likely to ignore traffic lights and basic rules of driving on the road. That’s why they’re more likely to get into accidents and cause deaths as well.

When a person is drunk, they’re unable to make the right judgement to stop when it is required, causing even more accidents. That’s why there are severe penalties for people caught in DUI cases.

Liability Issues Related to Drunk Driving

The business selling alcohol to the driver who later on got into a DUI accident can also be held liable. That’s why laws in specific states enable a citizen to hold an alcohol business liable for his damages if they supplied alcohol to a driver.

Whenever the insurance provider of the person at fault admits that there customer caused the accident, you win the DUI claim and get your compensation.

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