What Color Tip For Pressure Washing Concrete?

Pressure washing rigs consist of numerous bits and pieces, and the first thing that would confuse you would be the color coded set of nozzles that you receive in the complete package. The colors of these nozzles represent how wide the spray would be, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that different spray settings can have markedly distinct impacts on whatever surface you are choosing to aim them at in some way, shape or form.

When it comes to pressure washing things like concrete, suffice it to say that choosing the right color tip becomes even more essential than you would realize at any given point in time. Concrete can be a tough surface to wash dirt off of if you don’t use the correct nozzle, and if you want to get the best results that money can buy you should focus on using the red nozzle to start off with. This nozzle has a zero degree spray which means that it will be as concentrated as it can be.

The red nozzle gives you the highest level of pressure that you can acquire from your apparatus, but you can still increase and decrease pressure through other settings. Using a 3,000 PSI with the red nozzle gives you good pressure which will then be focused on the smallest possible point. The spray would be extremely narrow with this nozzle which is truly ideal for concrete because the dirt on it can be quite stubborn and a broad spray patterns would not do much to work on breaking it down enough to be worthwhile all in all.

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