Way to resolve the problem of sleeping disorder:

advantages and disadvantages of the amphetamine.

Some of you may notice the problem of sleeping through the day. You may feel drowsy throughout the day and can’t focus on anything. You just want to sleep and don’t have interest on doing any work. You even may face attention problems. You can’t pay attention on any work and just want to postpone it. When you face this type of issues, you need to consult a nearby physician or doctor. They ask for the complete symptoms you are facing and conclude the problem you are facing. Most of these cases are due to ADHD which is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Along with this you may also have the narcolepsy. This problem can be resolved with a drug called Adderall which is a combination of two drugs called dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. The drug have to be used according to the instructions from the doctor. You many find difference in your attention and sleeping issues within few days. The medication dosage and the timings of intake is decided by the doctor. This is based on the severity of the problem.

advantages and disadvantages of the amphetamine.

Information about the drug usage:

  • Complete treatment for the problem you are facing is decided by the doctor. You need to simply follow the instructions given by him. The dosage of the medication is based on your issue and mostly should be taken four times a day.
  • When you are on the medication, doctor may instruct you to stop the tablets you are taking for a short span. This is to verify the changes that are happened in your body after taking the medication. The changes are noticed by the doctor when you stop medication. Further meditation is given based on the changes he notices.
  • The doctor may reduce the dosage if you have positive behavioral changes or even can stop the medication if you got the desired changes in your body. Sometimes more dosage is given if the doctor notices very less changes in your body. And the complete guidance have to be taken from the doctor when you have any doubts in the dosage of the medication.
  • When you stop your medication suddenly, you may face the withdrawal symptoms. This problems associated with it are mood changes, depression, sleep problems, severe tiredness and so on. To prevent this, the doctor prescribe the medication such that the you can gradually slow down the usage of it.


Hope you got an idea of the drug usage.

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