Swimming pool maintenance schedules

Cleaning and maintenance of your home swimming pool is an important task. When you are a pool owner, it is better if you can prepare a schedule for your pool maintenance.

This can help you learn how to clean a green swimming pool and also plan the cleaning tasks for a longer period. The following brief gives you an idea of how to schedule cleaning daily, weekly, and monthly.

Things to do Daily

Have a look at the pool to find out the water level is correct. Both high and low levels are causes of problems in the pool.

Check your filter pressure gauge to see if the water flow is normal. A lower pressure may be a sign of full baskets or closed valves, and a higher pressure may mean a dirty filter. Also, give an ear to unusual sounds in the filter to see if it is clogged.

Have a look at the fence around to check if they are strong. Lock the gates of the fence around so that your pet or a small child in the family may not enter the pool unnoticed.

Check the baskets and keep the skimmer baskets clean. This will help in keeping suction efficient.

Weekly maintenance

Clean the pool by skimming the surface and vacuuming. You should also brush the floor and the side walls so that you prevent algae from forming.

To maintain PH levels, check the water alkalinity every week. If the level of alkalinity is high then you cannot adjust pH and if it is very low then you cannot control pH levels. You can add acids to lower total alkalinity.

Make sure to add algaecide, enzymes, clarifier, every week to prevent algae, and to improve the filtration process. You need to have a stock of these specialty chemicals so that you don’t miss on the weekly schedule.

Monthly maintenance

Backwash your filter when the pressure gauge is 5-10 psi higher than the normal values. Include cleaning of your filter in your monthly to-do list.

Shock your pool once in a month to remove the excess bacteria growth. Though it is recommended for a pool with heavy usage, you can also shock the pool if the chlorine levels exceed 0.3 ppm.

Check if the waterline and skimmers are clean. If the skimmer is clean the water level remains clean. You can use chemical-based cleaners to keep the skimmers clean. Removing the filmy layer inside the skimmer by a scrubber is a simple process that you can follow.

It is important to follow the above to avoid any allergies or infections arising out of an unkempt pool.

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